cannot connect to media management daemon

Hello All,

We are facing strange problem would like to share with you all. If you can suggest or advise that will be really great. we have placed several cases with MF but till now nothing came out.


we have 1 MOM server in cluster. (Linux 7.8)

we have 3 child server in cluster. (Linux 7.8)

Gateway servers- all are standalone. (Linux 7.8)

backup storage is Storeonce and currently all backups are running through catalyst.

we are using MOM as a licensing server and we have merge all mmdb to central MMDB in this case that is MOM server.

Now the issue is very frequently we are facing issue wherein MOM mmd service stopped responding, that we find from backup logs. however whenever we are checking omnisv -status all are showing active with no issue.

since central MMDB is being used so all the child server stopped responding and we have to restart the services and sometime we have to restart the server as well to take effect.  we are using data protector 10.70 version at

this moment, this case  went to MF Lab as well still they are reviewing logs. is there a smart way we can find out what is exact issue and it's resolution. is there a possibility resource crunch can be a issue ?