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We have updated the version of Data Protector from version 10.60 to version 10.91, it ended without errors, even a backup of the IDB has already been made, but when executing the backups there are communication problems, we have this error:

[Critical] From: BDA-NET@srv001 "G: [BACKUP]" Time: 21/7/2022 14:43:36
Cannot connect to Media Agent on system cm001, port 121949 (Secure communication protocol negotiation error when trying to establish a connection.
Check the validity of certificates and their configuration.
) => aborting.

We have run omnicc -secure_comm -configure_peer commands on both sides (CM and client) without success.

Please, where could be the error?



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    I would use -remove_peer and -confiigure_peer again. If that does not help then it may be best to run the command with debugs and have support investigate further.

    If you would renew the certificate on the cell server then be aware that all client configs would need to be redone too. If you have only one or just a couple of clients then this is somethng you may want to try also.


    Koen Verbelen
    Micro Focus (now OpenText) Customer Care Specialist
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