Error getting certificate from the peer (linux host) IPC Cannot Connect System error: [10060] Connection timed out (linux host.domain name:5555)

I have faced this issue when I try to run the secure command (omnicc -secure_comm -configure_peer) from cell manager side

I can run the command from the servers successfully but it's not connect from cell manager. 

  • Hi,

    Are you sure all systems are using port 5555? You could try "telnet localhost 5555" both on the cell manager as on other clients to confirm. You can also try to telnet to port 5555 from the CM to the client. I'm assuming this will fail and you will need to get that connection issue resolved first of all. Are you sure the client is correctly resolving on the CM? DNS performance may be an issue too. If you cannot get it fixed then I would suggest reproducing the problem with debugs and have support check those.


    Koen Verbelen
    Micro Focus Customer Care Specialist
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