DP 10.20 Linux migration procedure

Hi guys I'm following usual procedure that i've followed in the past from migration CM Windows 9.09 to new Windows 10.x (new machine other name other ip) 

But I'm failing when i make readdb stop services and paste Appserver , certificates and idb from original to new one and then services no longer up

Could you please tell me what is wrong here attach steps i following:

1.Create a folder called  IDB_Dump on /tmp

2. Export keys /opt/omni/bin/omnikeytool -export file.csv  to /var/opt/omni/server/export/keys/

2.Create a folder called  IDB_writedb  on IDB_Dump

3.Run the next command: omnidbutil -writedb tmp/IDB_dump/IDB_writedb

4.Stop the DP services(omnisv -stop)

5.Copy the folder called IS   and copy it on /tmp/IDB_dump

6.Copy the folders of the output  from the Writedb  command on /tmp/IDB_dump  ----a.(DCBF0-5, meta, msg)

7.Copy the folder called “Server from /etc/opt/omni/ into /tmp/IDB_dump

8.Install Data Protector on new machine (Same version as the original)

9.Create a folder called “New_IDB”on /tmp/New_IDB) and  run a WriteDB again to this  folder. omnidbutil -writedb /tmp/New_IDB

10.Run omnidbutil -readdb /tmp/IDB_dump/IDB_writedb

11 Copy the folders from the output of the first WriteDB.

12.Rename the folder “Server” /etc//opt/omni/ to “Server_New” and copy the one from the original installation (Step 7)

13.Go into “Server”and  rename the next folders AppServer-> AppServer_oldb. Certificates-> Certificates_old Idb -> idb_old. Users -> Users_old

14.Copy from the folder“Server_New” and copy the folders AppServer,  Certificates, idb and Users and  copy them on “Server”

16.Start the services(omnisv-start)

Thank you

  • difficult to say if with the current info.... what are services are not starting up? if its the IDB you may want to recreate the cell certificate and/or check the Pg_logs, if is the AS , you want to see the APPserver logs .   Important to say that DP  10.20 is no longer supported.