Will DP work on a VM ... if so ... how.

Hi all,

new here and ... well I have some questions.

I have been asked to set up D.P. (current version) at our site. This will be used to back up about 20 physical and 30 hypervisor virtuals onto a MSL 2024. I guess the first question is 

Can I run D.P on a virtual VM (server 2019) as the cell manager. I have managed to get it to install and it was not fun.

Assuming I can run it on a VM how do I get it to recognize the tape device. It is fiber attached to the host and showing up in device manager just fine.

Thanks for reading... No bout I will be back with more questions as the install goes.


  • Hi @Kevin Humble

    Yes you can install cell manager into virtual machine, About OS version(Windows 2019) it will depend about DP version that you are using, What is your current DP version?

    By last as far as I know is not possible connect Tape Library using HBA to ESXi server due Vmware limitation 


    Therefore you need to connect Tape Library to physical server using FC connection, it can be the cell manager or a different server and keep CM running into virtual platfform.

    Best Regards

  • Hi and thanks for taking the time to reply.

    We are (hopefully) intending to run a Windows 2019 VM with the tape drive attached to the physical host (Microsoft Hypervisor rather than VMware but I guess it will be pretty much the same). Both the hypervisor and guests are windows server 2019 and we are looking at D.P. version 11.01. Our current install is ancient and we are not looking to migrate anything from  it (the new build is being rolled up with a site move/upgrade) so this is essentially a virgin install.

    So - if I have read this right I will need to run a DP on the hypervisor it's self (I am guessing an agent but not sure) and then have DP - cell manager running on the VM connecting to it. Have I got that right?

    Do you happen to have any links that could provide more information on this?



  • Suggested Answer

    Hi Kevin

    Yes you are right, for to use FC the media agent server should be physical, cell manager can be installed into virtual machine so for to get FC connection is mandatory to use a psychical server.

    Best Regards