Data Protector hanging since upgrading to 10.91

Since upgrading to 10.91 a few weeks ago, I have been having an intermittent problem where backups start failing and when I try to connect to the GUI it just spins and never connects to the cell manager. Also, this is from the cell manager server itself, so not a remote GUI connection. If I try to do an 'omnisv -status' it will show the first four services and then just hangs. 

Every time this has happened, I have checked the performance on the server and CPU and memory are fine, nothing maxed out. Also, there is not storage issue, the C: drive is only 50% utilized. When it happens I have to reboot the server and everything comes back up fine and will run for for anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

I do have a ticket open with support and I am working with them also but wanted to see if anyone has encountered this issue and has any ideas.



  • Bryan,

    It's good to have this investigated in a support case. If you share the ID then I can possibly take a look into the case and double check what's being done.

    When you're saying omnisv just hangs, I'm assuming it would eventually return ... like after a couple of minutes!? Are you sure you did wait that long? It should definitely not hang forever.


    Koen Verbelen
    Micro Focus Customer Care Specialist
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  • Hello Koen,

    Thanks for your reply, I did wait a couple of minutes and it did not return. When it happens again I will make sure to let it sit longer to see if it returns.

    Here is the case ID:  02366173

    Thanks for your help!


  • Hello Koen,

    An update, the issue occurred again this morning and I tried to load the GUI but again it sat at 'Connecting to cell manager' and the 'omnisv -status' command hung as well only showing the four services below. I let both sit for about 30 minutes and both maintained the same status.

    crs : Active

    mmd : Active

    kms : Active

    hpdp-idb : Active

    hpdp-idb-cp : Active

    hpdp-as : Active

    Support has suggested running a repair on the software on the cell manager. So I will be performing that sometime this morning when I have a break in backups.