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I'm using Data Protector 9.09 which run in WIndows server, I have to replace the tape driver in HP tape library so I ask if there is DP configuration to make after drive replacement.

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    Make sure the drive path is still the same. If "Automatically discover changed scsi addresses" is enabled then this should be taken care of automatically. But if you go to the device properties in the GUI and click the arrow-down to detect the path, that should also allow you to double check this and reconfigure if needed. You may want to check other devices in the library too.

    Something else which will be needed is setting the changed serial number for the new drive. Again in the drive properties, click on the "Reload" button next to the serial number field. Do not forget to click the Apply button both after this and the above operation. After this the device is flagged to reload its serial number based on what it reads from the hardware. This will happen with any subsequent operation of the device. Just scan any tape in the library using this device and you sill see the serial number getting loaded and saved.

    If you want to learn more about all this, you can watch my video about it: Reloading the Device Serial Number


    Koen Verbelen
    Micro Focus Customer Care Specialist
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