Exchange restore between different DAG's

Hi. We're running DP 10.30 and are using 'MS Exchange Server 2010+ Server' integration to backup Exchange databases (to Catalyst). These work fine and we can restore to the existing DAG. The Exchange team have created a brand new DAG with all new Windows servers - Win 2019/Exch 2019. This new DAG will eventually take over from the old one and we'd like to be sure that we can still use our old backups. Is it possible to restore Exchange databases backed up from one DAG to another? I've had a quick look at the documentation etc and haven't found anything to suggest either way (maybe I just haven't found it yet!). 

We've started giving it a try and have so far tried the following:

Using the 'Restore to a new mailbox database' with one of the new DAG member servers as the target and 'Restore into recovery database' selected.

Using the 'Restore files to a temporary location'.

Both fail in the same way. We get the 'Analysing MS Exchange Server 2010+ environment' message, followed by details of the database to be restored and the target - these are standard messages.

Then very soon after we get:

'Getting the restore information from the IDB and creating the restore chain failed for database...'

'No mailbox database copy can be selected for restore/instant recovery' 

Is it possible to restore a database between DAG's as described?