Granular Recovery : Mount proxy "No Results"



  • Version:7.0.3
  • Build:18700403


  • Windows Server 2019
  • 10.91

We have a Windows 2019 Cell Manager with DP 10.91 and I'm trying to configure GRE for VMWare.

When I try to restore via Granular recovery I can't select Mount Proxy, it is not in scrolling menu

The ESX Host  appears greyed out
I do not have any (I try with the Cell Manager and with another server windows Server 2019)

Maybe I'm missing some steps... 

Best regards


Other informations : 

I have had this trouble :

I have workaround with this solution : 

To work around the issue, the Spring version of VC needs to be downgraded so that it can work with Plugins having older Spring versions.
Follow the below steps to make the necessary changes: 
1 Open /etc/vmware/vmware-vmon/svcCfgfiles/vsphere-ui.json for editing
2 Edit this line: //“-DuseOldSpring=true” to become “-DuseOldSpring=true"
3 Restart h5 client service via these commands:

service-control --stop vsphere-ui
service-control --start vsphere-ui