Moving volume to another server.

I still have a UNIX rp3440-4 server that I am using Data Protector 6.20 because I can not install the current version of DP.  So, I am doing backups to Disk onto a 1TB volume that is attached to a Windows 2003 server that is going away.  I want to move the volume to a windows 2008 server but don't know how to go about doing that. 

Current server is a Windows 2003 server and the volume is mapped as the G: drive.  I am doing Filesystem backups to a volume on my SAN.

The new server is a Windows 2008 server and I am going to be mounting the same volume as the O: drive.

I tried to move a different server this morning as a test but failed.  I couldn't change the backup job to get it to point to the new server so I decided to delete the backup job and recreate it.  To do that I had to export all of the media.  Once I created the new backup job I couldn't find any way to import the media back into the pool.

Is there something that I am missing because the server that has the volumes connected to is going to be removed next week.