HP Data Protector configuration of ZDB integration with 3PAR and VMware


We are currently using the VMWare integration of DP to backup our VM's from 3PAR datastores. We would like to setup the ZDB integration for VMWare with 3PAR, but the documentation (GRE admin guide and GRE integration guide) are not clear at all. Can somebody give me more detailed infromtation on below questions:

1) It seems a dedicated VMWare ESXi mount host is needed. Is this also needed when you only want to put the backups on tape (in this case StoreOnce catalyst)? In other words, why is this dedicated ESXi mount host needed if you don't want to use IR or GRE with 3PAR ZDB protection for VMWare?
2) According the existing documentation replica's (snapshots of the VMWare datastores) will be presented to the ESXi mount host. How can we use the SAN transport protocol over FC, if the replica's are presented to the ESXi mount host?
3) Besides the VMWare ESXi mount host, it seems a Linux mount host is needed if you want to use GRE in combination with snapshots residing on the 3PAR, correct? I presume I can also perform GRE without this Linux mount host, but then it will be non-cashed GRE and you can use a windows host? Am I correct?


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  • During a ZDB backup, VEAgent performs vStorage Image backup. VEAgent first establishes connections between the backup system and the virtualization host (an ESX(i) Server system). This connection can either be through a vCenter Server system (in the case of a vCenter environment), or direct (in the case of a standalone ESX(i) Server environment). It then requests a snapshot of the virtual machine that is to be backed up, via the vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP). This ensures that the virtual machine is in a consistent state. ZDB Agent then creates a replica of the virtual machine disks. The replica is presented to the ESX(i) mount host, Media Agent client is initialized and the data for backup is streamed to tape.

    it is required that the ESX(i) Server systems are connected to the same storage system with Fibre Channel.
    Mount ESX host needs to be different than the one which host VM.(I think Not necesserily to be added in VCenter, but surely should be in same Fabric/Zone). Mount host is required because the replicas of the datastores created will be mounted on this host and from there backup will be done to DataProtector devices.

    Configure Array using omnidbzdb command:
    omnidbzdb --diskarray 3PAR --ompasswd --add <3PAR IP/Host> --user <User_Name>

    Configure SAN. Ie add your host info and related WWNs to Zone.

    Create LUN in 3PAR and present it to ESX. Create VM on this datastore.

    Present the same LUN to backup host.(only export)

    Backup host should have following components: Virtual Environment Integration (VEAgent), Disk Agent, General Media Agent, ZDB Integration agent(HP 3PAR SMI-S Agent)

    Import VCenter in the DP CM.

    Import ESX hosts to the DP cell.

    Create Storage plugin(ZDB) backup.