DP 7 Exchange GRE "Error: No detail"



i have the following problem with the GRE for Exchange 2010:

If i want to recover a singel item from a Mailbox. I recovery and mount the database, select the Mailbox and choose some criteria or not i get the Error Message "Faild to get items avalable for recovery" "No detail".

in the debug log i see this:


2012-09-19 09:12:20,808 - 5596 - ("trunk/ExchangeGre/src/GUI/MmcGui/src/Wizards/RecoveryWizard/UserControls/RecoveryWizard_SearchCriteriaScreen.cs $Rev: 1148 $ $Date:: 2012-02-10 16:26:42":0) 07.00.0072
Error getting search results, GreReturnCode = GRE_FAILED_RESPONSE_FROM_AUTODISCOVER,
 ErrorDetail = No detail

A recovery of the entrie mailbox works fine. My DP Version is 7.01. The backupuser is in the DP Admin Group and in Exchange the User has full Admin Rights for Exchange and the mailbox.


Any Hints or ideas

with best regards


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