How to set Schedule calendar view from one month to 12 months


I have CM DP9.02, Windows 2008.

I have one month view of schedule.Right-click on a month name and select Fonts or Dimensions does not work or I do not know how it works to see 12 months schedule plan.How to set 12 months?


Thanks for help,


  • Your display resolution should be big enough to display whole year in schedule view.

    On my server, resolution is 1098x928, and I can see whole calendar by following these steps:


    1. Right click on calendar header, and select Dimensions

    2. As Units, select Pixel

    3. Put Min width and Min height to 135 pix.

    4. Set Calendar title percentage to 15. Click OK

    5. Maximize window.




    When you are resizing DP window, calendar view should change, and only when calendar view is big enough, whole year will be displayed.


    I hope this works for you.