DP 7.0 - Error during restore from new tape library


my customer has DP7.0, a new tape library and old tapes written by a decommisioned tape library.

During a restore of one of these tapes, the following error occurs:



[Normal] From: RSM@SERVERNAME"" Time: 15/05/2015 09:52:21

Restore session 2015/05/15-31 started.


[Warning] From: INET_thread_ldbar.exe@SERVERNAME

No data for user USERNAME in Inet's impersonation configuration.


[Warning] From: RSM@SERVERNAME" Time: 15/05/2015 09:52:22

[62:1073] The library "IBM:TS3200_LTO6" that the media has been moved to does not contain

devices that can perform the requested operation.

Original Library: "IBM:3573-TL_SERVERNAME"


[Major] From: RSM@SERVERNAME "" Time: 15/05/2015 09:52:22

Device "IBM:ULT3580-TD5_2_SERVERNAME" is disabled and will not be used.


[Major] From: OB2BAR@SERVERNAME"I" Time: 15/05/2015 09:52:21

Received ABORT request from RSM (ERR: Media Agent aborted.)


[Normal] From: RSM@SERVERNAME"" Time: 15/05/2015 09:52:23

OB2BAR application on "SERVERNAME" disconnected.



The new library has flag on "Device may be used for restore".


I have found on the forum only few and old posts about this problem, but without a valid solution.


The customer hasn't an active support contract.


someone has already had and solved this problem ?


Thanks in advance

Best regards



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