How to export to off-site temporarily without loosing data

Hello, I am new with the Data Protector and I wanted to know how to proceed the best in the scenario I will tell you.

We have chosen doing incremental backups (after the first full-backup) of a specific filesystem. The scenario is:

- We need to send each 3 months to a temporary off-site place these tape (or tapes, eventually) and avoid any data loss. When a tape comes back, we want to continue using the tape with an incremental of the last months that were not backed up for that specific tape. This means there will be, in total, around 3 tapes with full-backups and their corresponding incrementals, in-site and off-site.

- The tape I import to my system does not have protection so a new object was added to it with a non-related incremental information. How can I avoid this? I would like to continue with the incrementals related to that specific tape when I receive one from the off-site location.

Sending it to another location is only for security reasons, they will not need to access that data but my team. In this case:

- Should I eject the tape when I am done with the backups or should I first recycle and then export? Since the protection is set to permanent, I cannot export it to be able to start with a new full-backup in another tape before, then only a new incremental is done in a tape that does not correspond.


Thanks for reading!


  • Hello , 

    You do not need to export, with an eject is enough. The data will be in the IDB still, but what you can do is move this tape to another pool just to keep it apart of the rest of the tapes. 


  • Hi Victor

    From my point of view to off-site tapes and retain catalog protection is definetly bad idea. If you follow this chain it means thta for a possible restore DP will need some tapes that are located off-site.

    From my point of view as soon tape is send out of office customer should run new full backup for to keep a whole chain restore into library.

    Jus my two cents

    Best Regards