restore error- missing media

Hi all,


I would like to ask some help...


I have to restore a folder from backup.

The tape is in the library, but dp 9.0 says no all media is available. I don't know how could it be, because the backup only needed one tape. In sessions i can find that session, which show that only one tape was used to backup job.

When i want to select the backup version to restore, i dont see the full backup, only the incrementals, but these job are on different tapes.

When i open the usage pane, i see  the tape is full. On the object pane show full backup with big size but "All media available: No"....

I can't import the tape because "Please select only DP foreign or unknown media (159:52224)", i can import catalog, but nothing changed, moved to other slot, but nothin helped. Is there any chance to restore folder?


What should i do?...


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