(DP) Support Tip: Listing media pools in GUI fails

listing media pools in GUI fails with:

ERROR: integer out of range
  Where: PL/pgSQL function "calc_pool_parameters" line 10 during statement block local variable initialization

[Policy AgeLimit, MaxOverwrites] were overrided with large numbers, when no such parameters was specified in omnimm -modify_pool command.

Overflow happened in SQL script because of wrong large values.


Already have hotfix QCCR2A63914. but customer didn't want to install patch, he want an workaroud only.

fixed the issue with the pools using below workaroud.

Updated all of the existing pools with fresh media condition factors via command line and now we can see all of our pool information again.

LTO Pools:

omnimm -modify_pool  App Loose 36 250

StoreOnce Pools:

omnimm -modify_pool  Loose 777 9999