Multiple Cell Managers using the same Library?

It it possible to have multiple Cell Managers under DataProtector(v6) accessing the same Tape Library.

For example, if there was an MSL6060 with four drives would it be possible to backup half the systems to two drives on the MSL via a Cell Manager called DPCELL1, and the other half (to the other two drives) via a Cell Manager called DPCELL2.

I am not sure how they would resolve just who is in charge of the robotics (is there a locking mechanism for it?).

  • Data protector has a feature called MOM where one cell manager has all of the devices and multiple cells can use any device in the MOM configuration. This does require an additional license.

    Would this be possible
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    The only solution there is, is to use MOM (Manager of Managers) License.

    I have in my network done the exact same thing you are asking for and i had the same questions when i started working on that.

    In my network i have 2 cell servers (1 unix and 1 w2003), both see all the drives (SAN) what i did was... look into the administrators manual... i unite the media portion of the IDB under one database so now the media database (tapes, media, library) are shared.

    the robotic are will remain controled under one of the servers, but thats not a problem because in the MOM environment other cell`s can send a request for robotic use from the cell who controls the arm.

    you will have to create drives for each cell seperatly if you would like to control tapes from each cell and not from one cell, just remember to use the same lock name for the same device.

    thats pretty much it...

    by the way, im doing all the above under data protector 5.5 currently with StorageTek L700 library...
  • Thankyou Emil and Assaf, using MOM seems to be the best approach for handling such a topology.
  • The Manager Of Managers feature of Data Protector seems to be able to handle such a configuration.