(DP) Support Tip: DP906 RedHat6 False DC errors on omnidbcheck -extended & omnidbcheck -dc

The command "omnidbcheck –extended" and "omnidbcheck –dc" shows error on DC. However when checked there is no corrupted/ media error listed.
omnidbcheck -extended:
Check Level Mode Status
Database connection -connection OK
Schema consistency -schema_consistency OK
Datafiles consistency -verify_db_files OK
Database consistency -database_consistency OK
Media consistency -media_consistency OK
SIBF(readability) -sibf OK
DCBF(presence and size) -bf OK
OMNIDC(consistency) -dc Corrupted: 46 major errors detected
Results of   omnidbcheck -dc -summary command is:
Check Level             Mode                    Status
OMNIDC(consistency)     -dc                     Corrupted: 46 major errors
File /var/opt/omni/server/log/Check_dc.txt is clean(No corrupted media/media error listed)
Medium ID:                             Mpos[Bin/Db] Offset Details Results
Check finished : 46 errors reported.

This seems to be known issue(DP906 & DP906 108) where an extra check that was added to DC check code which may report false positives.

This is just a cosmetic issue and fix in DP907, to address random errors reported.