Get last Backup-Session of an object


I have a script, that shows me the backupspecification. So I can ask the last backup-status of the objects.

(1) with omnirpt -report dl_trees -tab I get a list with all backup specification for winfs, filesystem and vmware.
(2) so I will get the last backup-result of all the objects included in the file:
    for example Linux: omnidb -filesystem <Server>:/ "/"
    for example WinFS: omnidb -winfs<Server>:/E "E:"

But in List some backupspecifications are shown as "[host backup]"
# Specification  Object  Type      Client         Mountpoint 
  Test          Host     <Server>  [host backup]  <Server> \
And here the question: How can I get the last backup-status of this Object?