DP 9.x object copy encryption issues


We have our backups setup to go to a Storeonce VSA and a Storeonce 5500, but we also have an MSL4048 that we are setting up to backup from the VSA to LTO6 using DP's object copy for offsite tape storage/archive. The object copies run fine, however if I enable Encryption (within DP GUI, Object Operations > Object Copy > Automated > Scheduled, Destination tab > Drive Properties, check Drive-based encryption) the object copy fails. We don't have encyrption enabled on the actual backup specs since those are all internal, but does encryption have to be enabled here for it to work on the object copy?  It doesn't give any sort of error message, but fails almost immediately.


Thanks for any help you can provide.


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  • Hello

    The error  90:6111 is solved with patch that I mentioned in a previous post, therefore please upgrade to las version 9.08 and it must resolve issue.

    About block size error seems ot be related to block size configured into drive, you are trying read backup done with 1024kb using drive with 256kb configured as blocksize, change bloxksize in this drive or use different drive.


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