DP 7 File Library Repository Configuartion

Hi All.


I’ve just had a new EonNAS installed that I’ll be using for backups (finally moving away from LTO2, 4 and 5 tapes) and wondered if anyone had any suggestions on what settings to use for the file repositories?


The EonNAS is iSCSI connected and the way we are going to set it up is to create a disc pool for each server that needs backing up then present that pool as an iSCSI disk to that server.


I’m currently testing that out. I have created a File Library device, set the client to the server that has the disk presented to it and have 1 file repository pointing to a folder called "backups" on that presented disk. The disk is currently 3TB and likely to increase. Are you keeping up with me here :-)


Is that the best way or should I have multiple repositories? Also what are the best settings for these repositories?


Currently its:

Maximum size of file depot = 5GB

Minimum free disk size to create new file depot = 2MB

Amount of disk space which should stay free on disk = 0MB

Event if the free disk space drops below = 10%


I’ve run a test backup today of the system state (5.7GB and the backup created a 5GB file and 745MB file).


I know I’m asking a lot, I’m hoping that with your help it will save me a lot of time by not having to test out multiple configs.

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