Data Protector 9, [12:8427] Failed to load OCI client library



Please, I have a problem with Data Protector 9. I`m backuping up Oracle12g database with no problem, session complete sucessfully. But when I want to restore via GUI, I`ve got the error message: 

 [12:8427] Failed to load OCI client library.

This message pop up when I expand server which I want to restore. My DP is patched to latest release. 


Cell manager is Redhat 6.6

Client Aix 7.1


I was also trying to put OCI=0 into .omnirc file but with no effect. This is message from debug.log file. 


[OCI_LoadLibrary] OCI Library could not be loaded!

03/18/15 13:39:36 UTILORAREST.62128416.0 ["/lib/cmn/unix.c $Rev: 41801 $ $Date:: 2014-03-26 16:29:59":1413] A.09.00 b87
execvp failed! (util_orarest_64.exe) errno=2
Arg list:
Executing 'util_orarest_64.exe' failed. Error : -3


This is retval from util_orarest_64.exe -objs <Oracle_sid>



retval from -chkconf -dbname



Please, can anyone suggest my some steps to perfom to correct this issue?


many thanks





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