Performance OB2 3.10


Como obter melhor performance em ambiente Netware 4.x e 5.X com o OB2 3.10?


  • Several thing will affect performance with your Omniback/Netware scenario.

    1. Manage your memory - more memory is often better - but you may also need to tune Netware to take make better use of the memory you have.

    2. Often backups are done over the network. In such a case, managing the network performance (making the network faster, adding a separate backup network, backups during low usage times, moving across fewer routers, etc) will be helpful.

    Use tools like FTP to copy files from one place to another. How long does it take to copy a 500MB file? Omniback cannot move any faster than the filesystem and network allow it to.

    3. If you can attach a tape drive to the Netware box (and therefore not use the network for backups, just for command/control) this can make a big difference. If you can - put the tape drives where the data is.

    4. Often we find that netware boxes are using compression (or have used it in the past, and still have compressed files.) When we backup, the normal behaviour requires that netware uncompress the data, then hand the data to us. This takes time, memory, CPU, etc.

    -By uncompressing the netware data at backup time you can restore the data to any server; this is slower.

    -By leaving the data compressed, you can ONLY restore to a netware server. The backup can be faster.

    On the netware server you can allow the files to remain compressed by adding a variable to the file


    5. Anything that is acting as a filter (like open file software, anti-virus software, or alternative filesystems, namespaces....) can slow file access and use resources. You may need to tune these programs to meet your needs.

    6. Check your network name resolution (DNS/HOSTS). If this is not configured well, this can slow us down.

    7. Consider changing concurrency, the number of tape drives you use, and so forth.
    You may find that a lower or higher parallelism works better for you.

    8. Exclude any directories where we have files constantly held open (like your print spooler, btreive, email, ...)

    Also change the time of day so that fewer files are held open, and shutdown any databases, etc if you can.

    9. If you are using retries lower the number of retries - each retry means a small delay.

    Good Luck. (Buena Suerte?)
  • Have a look at the following HP document it has some good suggestions. Document Id OVFAQ001013