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I have a quick question and I have been searching all day for an answer.



We have a D2D (configured as VTL) and a MSL2024 with advanced backup to disk 10TB licence.

Our MSL2024 only have one drive in it.



During Monthly full backups, writing to physical tape is taking too long and we can't restore from other tapes during this time.


Possible solution:

My colleague found that our model of MSL2024 can have two drive in it.


Question :

From a "licensing" point of vue, if we buy another drive, do we have to buy other licences or something .... ?



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  • You have selected "Virtual Tape Library" option for the VTLs configured in Data Protector and assigned the capacity. For physical tape drives, you need Single Drive licenses. One single drive licenses is included in the Data Protector Starter Pack which includes your cell manager. It is not supported to use Advanced Backup to Disk licenses for physical rape drives and libraries.




  • Sebastian,


    Yes, "Virtual Tape Library" option for the VTL is configured.


    So I would need to buy this licence along with the new drive ? -- > HP OpenView Data Protector Windows/Netware/Linux LTU (B6963AA)


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  • Yes, if the drive is not shared in the SAN. Otherwise you need to use the UNIX/SAN/NAS drive. In both cases, you only need as many drive LTUs that you want to use in parallel, since the drive licensing is concurrent.




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    I think that a lot of it has to do with what version of DP you are running


    In the original DP licensing scheme, you could have as little as one drive license, no matter how many actual  drives you may have had.  If you wanted to run drives simultaneously, you would have to have an equal number of licenses, so Sebastian is correct in that respect


    You could also used Capacity-based licensing if you have a VTL (Not valid with physical drives) with the understanding that your License had to be large enough to cover ALL of the disk space available for the VTL.  For example, you may have a 2TB volume, but only be backing  up 50MB.  The licensing requirement would be eithr 2 1TB or 1 10TB Advanced Backup to Disk Licenses


    As of DP 7.01, this has changed, so that you only have to have sufficient licenses to cover the amount you actually have stored on the Backup device


    From the License Autiting Guide (not currently publically available)


    Advance Backup to Disk License


    Advanced Backup to Disk licenses can be used with Virtual tape Libraries (D2D or VLS) where the

    “Virtual tape library - TB based licensing” is checked, and with DP File Libraries.


    Advanced Backup to Disk licenses...


    Description Part Number Part Number E-Delivery

    for 1 TB B7038AA B7038AAE

    for 10 TB B7038BA B7038BAE

    for 100 TB B7038CA B7038CAE


    The Advanced Backup to Disk license is for the space used by protected backups only. Disk space

    used for unprotected backups does not need a license.

    On DP 6.2 when creating a VLS or D2D device, the quantity of Advanced Backup to Disk licenses

    must be entered/assigned to the device.

    Until DP 6.2, from within DP, only media management reports of the pools used by the file library are

    available. This would give information about the space used, and includes unprotected data.

  • Thank you Bob and Sebastian for your help.


    @bob, thanks for your info about the new licensing since v7.01.


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