Mount Request Report After added new media



Last week i have added a new media to pool. its label 26. 


on monday  started full backup, the other days of the week is incremental.

on new week monday  i insert different media . but the data protector request the media 26.


Could you please help me?




  • First rule of Mount REquests:

       Don't pay any attention to what media is being requested


    AQ Mount REquest means that either there is no writable media in teh Media pool , or Data Protector doesn't think that there is any writable media


    What is 'writable media'?  Media that has a Protection of None or Expired


    I would recommend that you start with this statement:


    "on new week monday  i insert different media"


    You may have put a new media in a slot, but, is DP aware of it?  After adding the media, did you do a Scan of that slot?  IN this circumstance, DP doesn't knwo that you put media into a slot.  A scan of that slot will update the IDB, and, maybe, fix the problem


    In your Backup specification, go to the destination tab, and get Properties for the device being used for backup, and see what the default media pool is (it may say 'No media Pool Selected')


    If it says 'No Media Pool Selected', go back to Devices and media, get properties for this device, and see what the default media pool is for that device


    Once you have determined what media pool is being used, expand 'Devices, expand your library, single-click on the word 'Slots'.  Click on the column header 'Pool' to sort the media list by Pool.  Find media from the desired pool, and check what its Protection status is.  It has to be either None or Expired for at least one media in that media pool

  • Thanks for your answer.


    I have solved the problem.


    Backup>Backup Specifications>MySchedule>Destination>Properties--- Select the "media pool" and add "Prealloc List" all of the medias.


    This solved my problem.


  • Hi Bob,


     First rule of Mount REquests:

        Don't pay any attention to what media is being requested


    Unless, of course, it's a Mount Request for reading ;-)


    When we are at it, my second rule of Mount Requests (in a library/autoloader setup):


     If it requests the medium to be put in the cleaning slot, first unload the cleaning tape from that slot.


    Sadly, DP almost always requests media into the slot currently occupied by my CLNU tapes, apparently because it thinks they are somehow less occupied than slots with data tapes. If not unloaded, on accepting the MR, DP will first load the medium from the indicated slot (even though it knows there is a CLN tape there, and it also knows where the correct medium is situated - a barcode scan made sure of that), leading to inadvertent cleaning taking place (due to HP's non-standard cleaning policy). It will then unload the CLN and load the correct medium. If the slot in question is empty, at least there is no unwanted head abrasion. I would so love to see this nonsense fixed...



    An"tired of explaining this to customers a thousand times"dre.

  • Nice explanation Andre.  It's reassuring to know that there is an explanation even though it makes no sense.