Virtual environment integration using linux backup host

Running DP 8.12

vCenter is 5.1 on W2K8R2 (virtualized)

Cell Server is RHEL 6.4



I have a backup to disk box running CentOS 6.4 with a fiber card.  All the luns are presented, but can't get past the configuration check.


Created a domain account with full admin permissions to the box that vcenter is installed on and full rights inside of vcenter.  I can logon as that user using cSphere client and do everything.


Imported the vCenter host to DP, I see the extra tab for Login and have it set to 443, standard security, and have the user/pass set


I go to create a new backup spec and it fails as soon as I select the the linux host as "backup host" with 12:8022 configuration check failed. I can choose the vcenter box as a host and run successful backups using hotadd, but I'm really trying to get SAN to work here.


Tried a CLI config and also got an error:

# /opt/omni/lbin/vepa_util.exe command --config --virtual-environment vmware --host vm --security_model 0 --username vmadmin@mydomain --password pass --webroot /sdk --port 443

Exception: IDpMissingObjectException, File: /svnstore/unix/panther/dp81_patch_release/comp/compfw/system/3.2/include/system/wrappers/CDpBaseWrapper.h, Function: operator Interface&, Line: 925
Missing object exception*RETVAL*2


I'm missing something really simple right?