I am running DP 9.03 - can I upgrade to 10.x without any licensing changes?

As the subject says. I don't want to upgrade to 10 and have to revert to a snapshot from before if possible.

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    License migration to Data Protector 10.00
    Data Protector 8.1 and later customers on support contract will receive Data Protector 10.00 free of
    charge including new license keys for all licenses on the support contract.

    Data Protector 10.00 does not display licenses that are expired or not used for the same product
    You can go to the MyUpdates portal at the Software Support Online (SSO)
    Here you get access to the software and license keys downloads which you are entitled for according
    to your active support contract (SAID).
    You can see all software associated to the SAID, check the box in front of Data Protector 10.00 or later
    and click
    Get updates.
    Three tabs are displayed:
    l Get software: For downloading the software.
    l Get licenses: To get licenses for the LTUs mapped to Data Protector 9.00 or later.
    l Get documentation: To download the product documentation.
    When you click the
    Get license link, this directs you to the update order the HPE Software Licensing
    Portal (
    http://enterpriselicense.hpe.com/) where you can get license keys for the LTUs and quantities
    that are on your Service Agreement Identifier (SAID

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  • Ah ok thank you.

    We recently updated our SAID support contract, so I assume that the versions displayed are what we are entitled to.

    When the initial licenses were purchased back in 2014 I think, it was for DP6.x. Would this have any bearing on what licences were are entitled to now, or is this dependent on the support contract?