Backup Cell Manager

Hi all!

I'd like to ask some help!

I have to instal a patch on cell manager.

I dont think that it could cause critical failure, but i'd like to make a backup about config file-s, schedules...boot partition.

How could i do that? Just select all of mount point and run backup or is there any trick what i should do?

If i backup idb80 folder will it cause any db failure?

Our cell manager is RedHat, DP 9.06.

Thank you!


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  • wrote:

    The update was successfull!
    (...but, some installed component patch level still 9.06)

    On Linux (and potentially other Unix platforms, I'm not sure) installing a patch to a client that also serves as an Installation Server (IS), the patch will only update the IS, not the component(s) the patch (bundle) is for and which might or might not be installed. As such, to complete the update, you'll have to run an "Upgrade.." from the client context menu. I'm not entirely sure if things change when the Unix client is in fact also the Cell Manager (CM component installed), but I'm generally stumbling upon this two-phase approach to upgrades given on Windows, the installer does always patch the IS as well as the installed components directly.


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