(DP812) My Client Can’t Connect To Cell Manager

DP Manager on my client (win7/64) fail connect to CELL Manager.
Error message is "Unkown SSL protocol error in connection to {cell manager hostname}:7116".


when I access the address https:// {cell manager hostname}:7116 with my browether,
it say error message "Expire certification (1902/5/12)".


Can anyone suggest anything.

  • I found this in a lab case,


    When connecting the Data Protector Cell Manager on HP-UX using the Windows Data Protector Client GUI post the 8.11 patch bundle installation, the following error is displayed:
    A server error has occurred. Reported error message: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to <cell manager>: 7116.
    The error occurs when a faulty Time-To-Live value of the SSL certificate is generated on the 8.10 Cell Manager.
    Manually generate a new SSL certificate with the omnigencert.pl script from the command line. To do so, perform the following:
    a.Get the store password by performing the following:
       - Navigate to the webservice.properties file from the following location:
       - Search for the keystorePassword value, for instance, consider that the keystorePassword = <store_password>.
    b. Generate a new SSL certificate by executing the following command:
        /opt/omni/bin/perl /opt/omni/sbin/omnigencert.pl -server_id <CellManagerHostname.domain.com> -user_id hpdp -store_password <store_password>
    c. Restart the Data Protector services using the following command:
        omnisv stop omnisv start
        Reload the jboss configuration using the following command:
       /opt/omni/AppServer/bin/jboss-cli.sh -c --command="/:reload
    You can also just change the expiration date
    changing the default expiration time in the omnigencert.pl script (line 440):

    FROM: $g_default_expireDays = (365 * 24); # 24yrs. TO:  $g_default_expireDays = (365 * 10); # 24yrs.

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Bob_Clark.


    Thank you for your comment(twise).
    My DP manager connect to CM successfully.


    But WEB Blowser certificate is not good.
    It is cause why PUBLISHER is set "CA {FQDN of CM}".


    This is for your information.

    I had edited "omnigencert.pl (line 1307 and 2099)" like below,


       # $ca_commonName = join("", "CA ", $fdqn_hostname);
       $ca_commonName = $fdqn_hostname;


    and i recreated. WEB Blowser certificate became well certified,
    but DP Manager error had occurs. Error Message is "invalid file format".

  • This may have something to do with the edit you made.  I could find nothing on this in lab cases or the Knowledgebase


    You will probably need to get a case opened for this issue

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