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I am working in saudi arabia. In our company we had HP DP product version is A.06.11.

What is the latest version is available and  which version we go for upgrade.


We have factory default machine for management server Hp DP 06.11 and, OS windows 2003 server.


For DP Upgrade we need to upgrade our machine and OS or just we can upgrade our HP DP.


If you can provide some document to us it will help .


Thanks in Advance,






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  • Just checked the DP7.00 Install Guide and you could directly switch from 6.11 to 7.00.

    The Patchbundle goes over the Top of that, basically it combines all Patches since the inital Release and adds some additonal Features.


    You can install the newere Versions yourself, assuming you have at least a bit experience with DataProtector and are willing to read the Upgrade Guide.

    You will need a active Software Support Contract to get the Manuals and Installation-ISOs.

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