Omnidbutil -readdb import error on test server 7.03

Hi. I try today upgrade procedure from 7.03 to 8.1. Stuck at point 6, import IMDB on test server.

Command issued from cmd.exe window, Run As Administrator.


C:\Temp>omnidbutil -readdb -cdb c:\temp\cdb -mmdb c:\temp\mmdb

Database import will overwrite old database. All data will be lost!

Are you sure (y/n)?y

* Add 1 extension files for tablespace fnames.dat.


Command completes about 5 seconds, no IMDB import happened.


Export from production server wotj 7.03 Cell Manager is OK.


Please help.

  • Verified Answer

    To Import the Database your Target System has to have enough Space in its Tablespaces.

    The Message Indicates you have to add one fnames Datafile to continue.

    On Unix/Linux this would be:

    omnidbutil -extendfnames /var/opt/omni/server/db40/datafiles/cdb -maxsize 2047

    For Windows you will need to change the Path accordingly.


    Other Commands related to extending the IDB are:

    omnidbutil -add_dcdir /var/opt/omni/server/db40/dcbfX -maxsize 4096 -maxfiles 10000 -spacelow 100
    omnidbutil -extendtblspace fnX.ext /var/opt/omni/server/db40/datafiles/cdb -maxsize 2047

    Basically you need enough Space in the specific Data-Files as you used on your Source-Database.

    Similar thing applies to the DCBF-Folders, you need the same number of those on the Target. Otherwise you will need to let DP rescan everything to fix the relations (omnidbutil -remap_dcdir)

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