Data protector sending report error

hi all,

i have a report group that used to work normally everyday and i receive mails notification from it, but suddenly yesterday it stopped and gave error( LINK:12:5107] Error sending e-mail: MAPILogon failed.
Error creating the report "Client Statistics - Last 24 Hours":
IPC Cannot Connect
System error: [10061] Connection refused)

i have made no change in the system or in cell manager

thanks in advance
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  • In your REport, are you using the send mthod -'email' or '-smtp' (Simple Mail Transport Protocol)


    Using '-email' requires a MAPI login, while '-smtp' does not.  We have found a lot of problems with e-mail reporting can be resolved by using '-smtp'.  You would still continue to use an e-mail address when using thsi option, for example




    From the Command Line Interpreted Guide  (CLI)


    -smtp EmailAddress
    The recommended option for sending reports by e-mail. Sends the report to the specified
    EmailAddress using the SMTP protocol

    By default, the SMTP server address is set to the Cell Manager address. To change the SMTP
    server, edit the variable SMTPServer in the global options file. The server must be accessible
    from the Cell Manager system, but does not need to be part of the Data Protector cell.


    In the 'global' file


    # SMTPServer=Hostname

    # default: <cell manager host>
    # SMTP server for sending emails.


    Let me know if you are not familiar with editing the 'global' file