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Abnormal power outage during backup causes StoreOnceSoftware library to crash

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Contact:YU YONGMING / 13910814407 /

Field Engineer:Deng peng/


2,User environment

Software version:H3C 10.50

CM  system version:CentOS 7.6

3,Problem Description

Abnormal power outage during backup causes StoreOnceSoftware library crash media to be unreadable

4, Current state

  The store can start normally, and the media cannot be read when reading data.

5,This piece is the continuation of case SD02565275




  • Hello ,

    This is not the right place to look for a timely resolution of the problem. This is the place to request product features that might come (or not) in the future release.

    Options with StoreOnceSoftware are limited if the store daemon reports issues. I had a case recently where one out of hundreds of media was not readable. We have tried everything to read the data off the device including ObjectStoreClientCLI and TapeAnalyser, but it was corrupt and we had to give up.

    My recommendation is to have regular copies from StoreOnceSoftware to another device (another B2D device, tape, cloud) as a safeguard. Since StoreOnceSoftware lives in the file system of the Media Server it is also vulnerable to crypto trojans.

    Sebastian Koehler

  • improve

    Customers want to be able to recover lost data