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Add ability to selectively enable/disable individual client backup within a backup specification

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over 1 year ago

In our environment we often see clients taken offline for extended periods.  Each day the backups for these clients fail, causing additional load for the backup administrators who investigate / review these failures.  The only way to currently address this issue, is to remove the client from backups, then re-add the client when the client is put back online.  This can be an extensive process depending on the complexity of the backup (i.e. number of protected paths/objects, filters / exclusions, etc.)

Our environment is large, so it is not practical to give each client a standalone job that can be enabled / disabled. 

It would be nice if the backup for individual clients could be enabled / disabled as needed within the backup specification.  The backup specification would then run as scheduled but backup only those clients that are enabled.  No backup would be attempted on disabled clients, and no errors would be generated for clients that are offline.


  • Perhaps in the commvault way?

    They have the possibility, that you can mark a Client to be "ignore for future backups (unlimited or till_date), and then this client is ignored on ALL (!) backup-definitions.

    That means, we have only to set 1 mark, and its ignore on all FS/DB/Archive backups, that's much more efficient, then searching the client in multiple backup specifications.


  • a TTL for the exclusion would be nice (end time for exclusion).