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Adjust Backup Object Order in Backup Specifications with Hot Key

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over 2 years ago

We have Backup Sepcifications with large numbers of individual backup objects. Frequently, the order in which these objects begin their stream to tape need to be adjusted so the job is ran as efficiently as possible.


Currently, the only way to change the order in which the objects are backed up is to:

In the CM, change the context list to "Backup". Drill down to Backup>Backup Specifications>Filesystem>YourBackupJob and click on YourBackupJob

On the "Backup Object Summary" tab, right mouse click on the object to reorder, then click MOVE UP or MOVE DOWN.


This process is extremely time consuming with a large number of objects.


We propose creating HOT KEYS to move objects UP or DOWN in the order.

ALT+arrow up key

ALT+arrow down key