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Advanced filters in Internal database

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over 1 year ago

Current version of Data Protector GUI allows filter sessions view in Internal database only by these parameters:

1) Period

2) Session Type

3) Specification

But in several scenarios, we need to filter additional options. For us, most useful options is:

1) Integration type (MSSQL/PostgreSQL/VMWare/ect.)

2) Backup type (Full/Diff/Trans/Copy)

3) Session Status (Failed/In Progress/Completed/etc/)

4) Backup device name or backup device type (Source-Side dedup/Server-Side dedup/Tape/etc)

5) Group

Also about restore information from IDB: GUI does not allow to get any useful information about restore in session list. It may be useful to add some fileds, e.g.: restore client, source object name etc.

Thank you