Idea ID: 2700626

Allow configuration of vmware backup jobs by datastore

Status : Under Consideration
over 1 year ago

With DP we can configure a job via a view of "hosts and clusters" or  "vm's and templates",  it would make sense to also allow jobs to be configured on a per data store basis, can we add this view  too as it seems to ne the common method that is used with most other backup tools.

This option also allows the customer to manage the load on the underlying storage when running multiple backup jobs.


    We know that this is a missing feature (and there may be even more) but we have decided to come up with other features (like support for VM tagging) first. Once we have more bandwidth we can consider more feature inclusion but we also have to balance with all the other hypervisors we support. Not an easy challenge ...

  • This is a missing feature, because storage oriented backups (contains only VMs with same datastore) are very faster in our environment! But a manual selection of VMs with same datastore is not "the yellow of the egg" due to frequent changes e.g. by storage Vmotion as consequence of regular maintenance work in the VMWare environment. That was one reason, too use a second Backup SW for VM parallel to DP.

  • The Datastore view would definitely be a welcome addition especially for customers that use ZDB VMware integration (storage array based snapshots) to minimize the potential for VM stun during the removal of VM snapshots and the potential of filling up datastores with VM snapshots.

  • might make DP backup for VMs more attractive