Idea ID: 1789320

Assign Online Backup LTUs to ESXi hosts in vCenter

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Brief description:

This idea is to optimize the license management for VMware to allow the user to pick and choose which ESXi hosts in a vCenter should be licensed with an Online Extension Windows/Linux LTU.

Today all ESXi hosts in the vCenter inventory will be counted regardless if the are connected/disconnected and used for backup. The new Data Protector Express license model is using this mechanism already so this should be easy to implement.

Here is a mockup based on the Data Protector Express available. 


To maintain backward compatibiltiy all ESXi hosts should be licensed and counted by default unless the user configures this screen and assigns Online Backup LTUs to ESXi hosts.

Existing Enhancement Requests:

QCCR2A63855: License checker counts all ESXi hosts in vCenter


Allow users with large vCenter installations to license only ESXi hosts that require backup when using traditional Data Protector Licenses (1x Online Extension Windows/Linux per ESXi host).