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Automated Backup consolidation

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Data Protector should provide automated consolidation of incremental backup in an efficient way. The consolidated backup needs to provide appropriate browsing and search functionalities for single item restore and a direct, fast full restore of backed up data.


This feature should be supported by all main deduplication device providers and in addition by a Data Protector software deduplication target (VSA).




    You may split it into 3 ideas, yes. 

    Main idea is the automated incremental backup consolidation.
    Goal is to avoid the need of a full backup after the first full backup has been performed.
    This is very important if we are talking about PB of file system data.
    Best would be, that it is independent from used backup target.


    So this is three requests, right?
    1. Backup Consolidation

    2. New Software Dedupe target (software only, not VSA)

    3. A Dedupe VSA

    Please confirm and decide.