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Backup Chain protection

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago

Brief description:

Data Protector offers a wide range of configuration options for retaining backup data on backup media (Data Protection) and Catalog data on backup objects in the IDB (Catalog Protection) to allow granular restores. With the change to db80 and DCBF v2 the IDB has become highly scalable. While the IDB can grow very large now many design principles regarding Data Protection and Catalog Protection from the old IDB (db40) are still used. This is limiting the user and making configuration complex.

This includes the following items such as:

  • Fulls should not expire as long as any depend Incrementals exist (Restore Chain protection)
  • Allow the Data protection to be defined based on "number of generation" (GFS scheme)
  • Allow to report on Incremental backups/objects that depend on expired Fulls (not fully restorable)
  • There should be a Media Pool Usage Policy "Appendable for time interval" (segregate backup media)
  • Keep Catalog information until Data Protection expires, media is deleted/overwritten. Hide Catalog Protection configuration from user. (reduction of complexity)
  • Make the default Data Protection configurable (instead of Permanent)

Existing Enhancement Requests:

QCCR2A51085: Enhancement for retaining full backups until the incremental backups expire
QCCR2A54667: Create report for objects with expired protection on the last full backup


Unleash the full potential of the product enhancements made since Data Protector 7.x. Reduce complexity and make the product more user friendly.