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Backup Session Manager should adjust options before starting Disk Agent

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over 1 year ago

Brief description:

When creating a file system backup spec with the Data Protector GUI special options (e.g. Detect NTFS hardlinks) are applied in case the whole client object is selected and Automatic Disaster Recovery (AutoDR) components are detected.

There are a few reasons why this is not optimal:

  • It is unreliable since components on a client might change over time
  • A backup spec might be not be created in the GUI
  • Not all file systems require options such as Detect NTFS hardlinks. Using them slows down the backup for large file systems. More than one backup spec is required.

This Idea is about adding some logic to the Backup Session Manager (BSM) to detect the components installed and critical volumes and start the Disk Agent IVBDA) with the right set of options.


This would ensure that critical file systems on clients with the AutoDR component installed are backed up with the right set of options to allow successful restores and the remaining file systems are backed up with tree walk disabled (if requested by the user).