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Backup speed statistics by time (no only per session)

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over 1 year ago


After backup session completed, we get information about: average session speed, backup size, but these speed is average value by all period of backup. In some scenarios, these backups may be more than 24hours and it`s to difficult detect real performance speed by time (for example, if we want select more efficient time for a new backup in large installation.

It will be useful if we can get speed statistics by time. Nowdays, we can calculate only total, average backup speed by session, but in most useful scenarions backup Engineer want to know: in what period of backup session speed is degraded and in what times have a speed-up.

It may be as text statistics or performance chart: on X-axis it can demonstrate backup time and on Y-axis demonstrate backup speed in MB/h or MB/s.

Thank you!