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Change Backup Device within the Schedule (f.e. Monthly Backup to Tape instead of B2D)

Markus Pernek Markus Pernek
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Waiting for Votes
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it would be nice if it were possible to chose the backupdevice within a schedule.

For example, we have a weekly full and incr. backup to a backup to disk device monday to sunday but on the last sunday per month the backup device has to change from B2D to Tape without creating a seperate backup specification only for the monthly backup.




  • This is anologous to my request: /img/bandr/i/dp_ideas/schedule-backup-in-different-media-pool

    Either implementation should be ok...

  • Hi Aleksandr,

    because we would like to kepp it simple and not to create a seperate job for one or to monthly backups.

    ous customers have various requirements so it would be easier to handle the monthly backp to tape within the orginal scheduled backup.




  • Why not to use scheduled object copy operation function?