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Checking already running FileSystems backups \ other integrations

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over 1 year ago


Since late 9.XX version of Data Protector we have option of auto-checking already running Oracle jobs, what prevents new ones from double\more running with scheduler \ hands. So new ones don't run with scheduler, or just show blank page with hands_start (and merge with old one session in Internal Database after). That is really good option, we avoid now a lot problem with consequences in Recovery Catalogs of Oracle and with wrongful  delaying archive logs, also we avoid pressure on internal recourses with multiplying traffic.


So - may we have same options also for FileSystems \ VMware \ etc?

Because with some substantial or not reasons session of FS could be prolonged in time and meets with next one (especially increment one) . So generally in such case we have 2 full backup running  simultaneously. With big chance that situation could provide 3th and more same broken session (depend on activity and attention of Backup Admin). 


Normal] From: BSM@dp10 "NT40_part4"  Time: 12/6/2019 9:00:02 AM

      Backup session 2019/12/06-233 started.


[Warning] From: BSM@dp10 "NT40_part4"  Time: 12/6/2019 9:00:03 AM

[61:11018] Could not find related full backup of the object named "H:".

      Backup mode is changed to full.


   With VMware also sad situation -  2\more same running specifications look after very carelessly  on duty about removing used snapshots from VCenter. While single running specification would clean up after finish all required snapshots.