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Data Protector Report Enhancement

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago


Data Protector should enhance reporting capability.

  • It should have reports which can fetch information of SESSION ID , SPECIFICATION, BACKUP TYPE AND RETENTION (most imp) in one single report.


As an enterprise grade backup solutions reporting is one of the key feature which data protector is lacking behind then other competitions. Enhancing built-in reporting feature instead depending on other product like BN will definitely boost Data Protector market.








    Yes I have checked custom reports as well and even logged the case with Micro Focus support and they too mentioned that their is no such reports available.

    Moreover, this is one of the very basic report any Enterprise grade backup solutions must have.



    Did you consider using the "Custom Reports" feature within RS? We cannot do Reports for every single and individual request since that would end up in hundreds of them. At that point customers will complain about reporting being too overloaded and unusable.