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Delete SCSI paths of devices when client is deleted

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over 1 year ago

Hello team, 

When we have multipath enabled, one SCSI path is saved for each server added. If we delete a client and this client have paths configured, those remains there. I have tested this with DP 10.50 as well, and happens the same. 

Let me show you the way I done it. 

I have two clients, the CM and the test client:


Now I add a path for this test.test server into a multi-path device: 


After that, I go and delete the client: 



Now it's only the CM. But if we go to the device, the path for the test.test server is still there: 



This is a big problem for customers that have multipath with the same server with hundreds of clients. 


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  • Hi , 

    That is true. But sometimes the client is removed for good and the SCSI paths needs to be removed also. And in cases that there a lot of paths added is problematic. 

    Knowing that, should be an option like the one to remove the software when we export the client: 

    This will be better and will work in case of the removal of the client for other reasons. 

  • Hello ,

    Problem here is that a client can be exported from the Cell for various reasons. I do it from time to time during migration or if a client is causing trouble. So to be honest I'm happy with the current implementation while I understand the requirement.

    Have you looked into the sanconf command, yet? It not, please do so and let everyone here know what is missing. Maybe it is just the GUI interface?

    Sebastian Koehler