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Disable collection/sending of Telemetry "no" should be enough, not asking again and again

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago

It's possible to say "no" for sending of the Telemetry-Data during installation of the DP-Software, but during installation of the GUI, the question came again.

The Customer is really unhappy about that, because if one User klicks on "yes" (like allways done for this usage stuff, accept license/...), all the collected data will be transmitted.

The primary Problem is, that after a first "no" (during primary installation of the CM) to transfer the telemetry-data, during the following updates (10.03 ==> 10.04) and GUI Installation(s), there are many more tries from the Software to get a "yes". "NO" meeans "no", not "perhaps, ask me later again".

The  environment of the customer containes sensetive data, so the customer is expecting that a "no" is accepted as a "no", and not asked again and again, untill someone clicks "yes" by a mistake. Nobody could be sure, that by a Software-error more data is collected than told by MicroFocus, and if then sensitive data is transferred... that is the reason, why the CM-Systems are blocked behind a Firewall with most of the time no access to the Internet. If now any GUI-System (Workplace/Laptop of Admin/User/... could transfer Data, that will be a desaster, because than the Firewall will be used to stop any communication of the Admin/User-Workplace to the Internet...and how should the Admin than get Software/Patches/upload debugs?

Please change the behaviour, that a "no" during installation of the CM is final, no more asking during updates or GUI-Installations.



  • Hello,

    From my point of view when applying an upgrade (patch, patch bundle or full release) the current telemetry subscription settings should pre-populated and pre-selected in the setup process. Similar to values like the service account and installation path. This streamlines the setup process and leaves the user the choice to change it if neccesary.

    Sebastian Koehler

  • For future versions, it would be more consequent to have telemetry functionality designed as a DP component, like a Disk Agent.

    Then it would be explicitly needed to be installed during cell manager setup.

    If this component is not installed, there should be no colllection on the cell manager and no agents on the cell console clients.

    Then we could avoid discussions like this.