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Display all Media Pools by default

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over 3 years ago

Brief description:

Customers in larger environments with hundreds of devices usually have large amount of Media stored in plenty different Media Pools. Due to some filter enhancements introduced in Data Protector 8.x the MFC GUI displays only 50 elements by default. As a result not all Media Pools are displayed in the tree view in Devices & Media which is highly confusing and adds a lot of additional steps to find the right information.

Please always display all Media Pools (remove the Items per page for Media Pools) OR make default values configurable by the user or in global. 50 is not a reasonable default value.

Existing Enhancement Requests:

QCCR2A51597 / Support for global parameter that defines default value of "Items per page"
QCCR2A66702 / GUI, pool depiction and "items per page"
QCCR2A52759 / "Items per page" in the Device List to not change back to default after restarting the GUI


Reduce the amount of time to find the desired information in the MFC GUI. Make Media Pool operations more intuitive.


  • I find the 50 max display per page setting for "media", "media pools", "devices" extremely annoying.    Yes, you can change the filter and make it large it but everytime you start a fresh GUI session you lose it.  I have a large environment and it would help if Microfocus can come up with a way to give the customer the option to change these setting either with global option file or omnirc.   

  • We have created QCCR2A66998 in 2016-Mrz-14 ( )

    QCCR2A66998: DP 9.0x support for start value in filter settings in "Device & Media" context

    It's painfull to adjust always the filter, again and again (we have some VTLs with 1500 - 9000 Tapes and several POOLS).

    We requested the possibility:

    • create bigger Numbers for filtering ( =>10000 )
    • store DEFAULT Value for Filter ( perhaps in .omnirc or global )
    • to disable the filter
  • The same issue is happening in viewing devices / librarys.
    In the first moment when you expand the library section tree, you will find max 50 librarys.
    This is a very bad in situation in cells managed by other peers.