Idea ID: 1641264

DP 10.03 - Request to add status column for omnidbutil -list_schedules output

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

Starting with DP 10.03, cu can use CLI to do administration of the schedules, instead of the web-based scheduler.

Request to add another column for "omnidbutil -list_schedules" to show the status of a schedule - whether it is ENABLED or DISABLED.

Main reason is complimentary to Enable/Disable a schedule

omnidbutil -modify_schedule -scheduleId [SCHEDULE ID] -disabled true
omnidbutil -modify_schedule -scheduleId [SCHEDULE ID] -disabled false

It would be helpful to check the schedule status - before or after running the above modify schedule CLI.

Key idea - before making any changes AND after making changes, need to check what is the current status.